I was born on the 18th of February 1985 in Dublin, Ireland. The first two to the three years of my life were spent in Clonmel in County Tipperary. At the age of 4, I moved up to Dublin. I am one of four children. I have two brothers, one is younger than me and the other one is older and then there is my sister who is the eldest. We are an easy going family and very close to one another.

I first got into music at the age of 5 when I started getting piano lessons. Back then, my musical tastes leaned towards classical music and movie or cartoon soundtracks. That’s not to say that I didn’t like the odd chart topper. In fact, one of my favourite songs when I was 7 was “Rhythm Is A Dancer” by Snap. Nevertheless, my musical tastes did broaden to the more mainstream genres. Sadly, when I was half-way through high school, I had to give up piano lessons as the school curriculum demanded my complete attention.

It was at this time that I started using music making software. It started off with very basic applications such as EJay which consisted of pre-recorded samples that could be mixed together based on their chords. This gave me months of joy. I became more fascinated by music production suites when I was exposed to Acid Pro which, at the time was produced by Sonic Foundry (prior to being acquired by Sony) and it’s sister products Sound Forge and Vegas Video. I gained work experience in Windmill Lane Recording Studio where I learned about Pro-Tools and Cubase. The other software packages which I used were Cakewalk Professional and Fruity Loops.

I was given a MIDI (Music Instrument Digital Interface) enabled keyboard for Christmas one year during high school before I came across the aforementioned music productions suites. As with many other teens, I decided to write music, either solo or in collaboration with classmates. Throughout the third, fourth and fifth years of high school, there was a surge in the popularity of rock music. During this time, people would either be talking about Green Day, Nirvana, Foo Fighters or Red Hot Chili Peppers. It was this atmosphere which awakened my interest in writing music.

The good thing about my keyboard at the time was that it came with a built-in recording facility where I could store music as I thought it up. Unfortunately, there were two major drawbacks. The first was that it only allow me to record 6 channels of audio at a time. Even then, some notes went amiss. The second drawback was it’s inability to retain the recordings. In other words, if the device was plugged out for any length of time, the recordings would be erased meaning that I had to record the tracks all over again. It was then that I decided to invest in a cable that would allow me to connect it to a computer. As most computers don’t come equipped with MIDI input ports, I had to invest in an adapter unit which had them.

Now that I had the means to record my music permanently, I was able to write more songs without the worry of it being erased. When I got into college, my music writing took a temporary hiatus while I acclimatised myself to the third level education environment. However, it resumed when I got Propellerhead’s Reason for my 21st birthday which essentially, turns a computer into a digital recording studio due to it’s advanced and highly flexible nature. Most of the songs which I have written to date where composed using Reason.